School Management Software

Manage everything in your school°™from students to classes to finances °™
with comprehensive school management software

What is School Management Software?

With limited budgets and dwindling headcounts, many schools are looking for creative ways to maximize resources. One solution thousands of educational organizations nationwide have turned to is the school management software from Active Network. Active's system is comprehensive and flexible, helping schools and districts automate and simplify class registration, activity fund accounting, fundraising, fee processing and more. The technology is easy to use and, best of all, it's affordable.

Active's school management software will absorb or eliminate every manual, archaic process you've been struggling with. Get rid of paper forms, loose cash and endless data entry. All of it becomes automated, providing convenience and security to your administration, staff, parents and students. Every function in your school can simplified and organized, including student fee processing, activity fund accounting, textbook tracking, class registration, and fundraising and donations. Plus, our best-in-class technology includes marketing tools and the industry's best support. With Active's school management software you can easily and affordably improve operations, accountability and efficiencies for your school or school district.

Complete school management software for your schools & district:

  • Activity fund accounting
  • Online school software
  • Textbook tracking
  • Point of sale
  • Online registration and credit card processing
  • School and student fee tracking and collection
  • Centralized database
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Online fundraising and donations
  • Marketing tools and resources

Software Benefits for School Districts

  • Improved oversight with centrally stored data for easy reporting, auditing and bookkeeping
  • Reduced risk of fraud with the highest data security and best practices standards
  • Improved reporting with district-wide consolidation
  • Better accountability with robust auditing tools
  • District set security levels
  • Ironclad audit trails
  • Fully integrated systems

Software Benefits for Schools

  • Improved accountability with bank reconciliation wizard
  • Increased revenue with online stores sales of all school items and fees
  • Faster, automatic receipting
  • Improved inventory control
  • 24/7 support