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Streamline the way your school handles cash by promoting, selling, tracking and processing all school items online.

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About an Online School Store

Shopping online is becoming more and more popular because it's fast and convenient. If companies like Amazon and Overstock can capitalize on this trend, why can't your school? Active Network's intelligent online school store solution, the WebStore, gives administrators, athletic departments, activity directors and student clubs the ability to sell products and raise money online. A WebStore is an easy way to increase cash flow, especially when budgets and headcounts are at a minimum. Parents appreciate the convenience of browsing and paying online, whenever they have the time. And school administrators can automatically process payments for school items°™from prom tickets and yearbooks to parking and activity fees°™without lifting a finger.

Incorporating an online school store will consolidate and streamline the way your school handles money. It's not only a more efficient way to collect payments, but it's much more secure. Instead of cash or checks that pass from parents to students to teachers to bookkeepers, payments are made online and speed directly into your bank account without passing through a multitude of hands. It's easy and quick. Ultimately, an online school store is the best way for K-12 schools and school districts to promote, sell and process all school items.

Online School Store Software Features:

  • Transaction reporting
  • Ironclad auditing
  • Wish lists and gift registries
  • Inventory tracking and control
  • One account to manage multiple students
  • Picture upload and display for each store item
  • Attachment feature for permission slips and waivers
  • Customized look and feel with your school's colors, logo and photos
  • Automatic flow from web store to bank deposit to your General Ledger
  • Secure online payments with PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance
  • Integration with school accounting and school management software
  • Donations and fundraising

  • Software Benefits for School Districts:

  • Improved internal financial controls
  • Reduced risk of fraud and errors
  • Improved reporting and audit trails
  • Improved cash management and flow of funds
  • Improved visibility & accountability of all sales and fees processed
  • Software Benefits for Schools:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Shorter line-ups
  • Improved transparency and financial visibility
  • Increased convenience and service for parents and students
  • Store software reduces administrative work and saved time
  • Increased security and reduced liability from handling cash and checks
  • Improved student debt tracking


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Our financial secretaries love the WebStore. It saves so much time. °≠.the reconciliation is so much faster whether it's 5 or 500 hundred people they're helping.

Sherry Wilson, Accounting Coordinator, Granite School District

Last year we had 24K in outstanding student debts at our school. With the use of the WebStore and allowing parents to pay fines by credit card and being able to email parents through our WebStore and Tracks with balance due letters, we've been able to reduce our outstanding debts down to 9K this year.

Jennifer Vargo, Financial Secretary, Kennedy Junior High School